Vitamin D Test NZ

Test your Vitamin D level in 15 minutes using our Vitamin D Self Test Kit and free Smart Phone Analysis app for Apple and Android.

Our quantitative self tests perform to the Vitamin D External Quality Assessment Scheme standard.

Tests are couriered nationwide, allow 1-3 business days to arrive.


Don't let the D stand for Deficiency

Getting enough Vitamin D is crucial for healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamin D may also play a role in:

Improving muscle strength.

Keeping your immune system strong.

Protecting you against certain cancers.

Reducing your risk of falls.

Helping to stave off depression and low mood.

Keeping your energy levels up.

Why Choose Our Vitamin D Self Tests?

Vitamin D Test NZ


Our nation wide courier service means you can receive your test within 1-3-days, complete the test and have your Vitamin D level in 15 minutes using our smart phone app for Apple or Android.


Our Vitamin D tests conform to DEQAS testing standards and provide a quantitative Vitamin D serum reading in ng/ml or nmol/L, no wasting your money on our competitors indicative tests.

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Easy to Use

Our Vitamin D self tests come with easy to follow instructions. Complete the test in 8 easy steps. You can check out a video of how to perform the test here.


Our Vitamin D self test and app contain everything you need to complete the test and get your Vitamin D level in 15 minutes in the comfort of your own home.

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