Cluster Headache & Vitamin D Therapy - Placbeo Controlled High Dose Vitamin D Trial

Cluster Headache & Vitamin D Therapy - Placbeo Controlled High Dose Vitamin D Trial

Cluster headache is a type of severe headache in which the pain is usually limited to one side of the head, tending to recur over a period of several weeks or months.

As a sufferer of cluster headache, I often describe cluster headache pain like extended brain freeze - let me elaborate. Imagine it's a hot summers day, you are at the beach and there is a guy standing by a stall selling flavored ice slushies.

You wipe the sweat from your brow, reach for your wallet, pass over some change and he hands you the ice cold refreshment.

You bring the straw to your lips and take a sip, then another - and another.

Moments later, uh oh - brain freeze. You put the drink on the ground, grasp your head in your hands, grimacing at the pain - taking slight comfort in knowing that the moment shall quickly pass and you'll be back drinking the slushy in no time at all.


The difference with a cluster headache attack is that it doesn't just last a few seconds, the worst of the nocturnal attacks can last up to a couple of hours at a time; only for the next headache to start a couple of hours later - it is an absolutely exhausting condition to deal with.

 Just imagine nursing an slushy brain freeze level pain for lengthy periods, day in, day out - for months at a time and you'll gain an insight into why they are also called suicide headaches - unfortunately this becomes a very sad reality for some sufferers.


Cluster Headache - Pain is Severe

With some understanding of the pain, it was in 2015 when I found Vitamin D and 8 days later, my headaches stopped and I got my life back. I am not alone - I've since had contact with many other sufferers that share the same story - Vitamin D's ability to stop cluster headache in their tracks in more than 80% of sufferers.

Up until now, apart from the patient lead research & cluster headache poll data published by cluster headache sufferer Pete Batcheller, there has been little scientific data to support the use of his regimen; notwithstanding the feedback from more than 2,000 cluster headache sufferers from around the world that have reported having similar success with Vitamin D in the treatment of their cluster headache.

You can read more about Pete Batcheller's anti inflammatory regimen for cluster headache and migraine at the Vitamin D Wiki or watch the interview I did with Pete where he explains the regimen and answers the many questions I had for him about his regimen, including efficacy and safety.

I am pleased to share a new interventional clinical trial using Vitamin D in the treatment of cluster headache. This is a randomized, placebo controlled interventional study with 220 participants.

The intervention group are to receive 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 per day alongside a daily multivitamin, this is the same daily amount outlined in the Vitamin D Anti Inflammatory Regimen.

The primary outcome the trial is looking to measure is a change in the average weekly frequency of cluster headache attacks.

There are 48 other secondary outcome measures they are looking to report on including monitoring calcium and parathyroid hormone levels.

It is important to note that Pete Batcheller's Vitamin D regimen includes a loading or "bolus" dose upon starting, which includes 600,000IU spread out over 6 or 12 days before reverting to 10,000IU per day alongside 4-5 other supplements with an end of view to maintain a 25(OH)D Vitamin D level in the range of 80-100ng/ml.

The primary completion date of this study is September 22, 2023 and the estimated completion date where we will be able to review the results is June 22, 2024.

We look forward to bringing you updates and sharing the results when they are published.

If you suffer cluster headache and are contemplating trying the Vitamin D Anti Inflammatory Regimen, I would strongly advise that you speak with your Doctor about the supplements, the dosages and organize + review your relevant labs before supplementing.

If you would like to test your Vitamin D level and understand if you have sufficient levels of Vitamin D, order one of our tests today and we will courier it to you anywhere in New Zealand. Our tests measure Vitamin D using our Smart Phone app for Android & iPhone.

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