Vitamin D w/ Dr. Joel Gould of New American Dentistry

Vitamin D w/ Dr. Joel Gould of New American Dentistry

In this weeks Inspired Conversations Podcast I interview Dr. Joel Gould of New American Dentistry.

Joel and I discuss Vitamin D and the pillars for optimal health as outlined in his soon to be released book, The Modern Epidemic.

I appreciate Joel's approach - Vitamin D is no silver bullet and we explore why folks should not expect to sit on their couch reaching for their Uber Eats whilst they take a Vitamin D pill to keep them healthy; if only life were that simple.

We discuss the other pillars for optimal health and wellness including nutrition. Joel is an advocate of a "modern hunter gatherer" diet including a diet rich in organic meats.

Disclaimer: The topics covered in this Podcast are not intended as medical advice. Dr. Gould's Vitamin D supplementation approach is moderate in comparison to some of the other Vitamin D authors that I have interviewed; that being said - the need to approach Vitamin D supplementation with care and consideration is as important now as it has ever been. Dr. Gould is still advocating for a Vitamin D blood level that is higher than what is recommended here in New Zealand.

It is in your best interest to discuss any plans that you may have to supplement Vitamin D with your family Doctor and as always, we would recommend ordering a Vitamin D Self Test to obtain your baseline level - from here, you will know if you have deficient, insufficient or sufficient levels of Vitamin D to begin with.

Visit Joel's website here: https://www.modernamericandentistry.c...

Check out his "molecule" record label - educating people in a fun memorable way.

Visit Joel @ Modern Hunter Gatherers:

Download the free copy of his eBook preview:

During this talk I referenced two papers on Vitamin D - these references are linked below:

Vitamin D and Its Target Genes

Disassociation of Vitamin D's Calcemic Activity and Non-calcemic Genomic Activity and Individual Responsiveness: A Randomized Controlled Double-Blind Clinical Trial

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