Dr. Bruce Hollis

Vitamin D's Impact on Fertility and Birth Outcomes - Dr. Bruce Hollis, PhD

Dr. Bruce Hollis, PhD, of Medical University of South Carolina explains the crucial impact that Vitamin D has on women's fertility, health during pregnancy and birth outcomes.

Dr. Hollis has published many articles not limited to Vitamin D and birth outcomes; you may review his list of publications over at Google Scholar.

In this Podcast on the Ovaterra Institutes YouTube channel, Bruce Hollis discusses the following topics in more detail.

- How much Vitamin D do you need before and during pregnancy?

- How much Vitamin D is too much?

- What effects does Vitamin D have on fertility, preeclampsia, preterm birth and baby's health?

- When should you start prenatal Vitamin D supplementation?

- Why do some Vitamin D studies show no effect?



The opinions in this webinar are those of Bruce Hollis, PhD. The purpose of the webinar is for general information only. The content should not be interpreted as medical advice. Dr. Hollis receives loyalties from the sale of Ovaterra's Vitamin D product.

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