About Us

Vitamin D Test NZ was founded by long time cluster headache sufferer, Craig Stewart. In 2013, Craig was diagnosed with cluster headache, commonly referred to as suicide headache, and begun a journey dealing with the most excruciating medical condition known to medical science.

Amazed at how effective Vitamin D was at treating his cluster headache & having to regularly check his Vitamin D levels to keep them in range, Craig saw a need to raise awareness and make Vitamin D testing readily available to more New Zealanders.

Check out my Story with Cluster Headache

Check out my story with cluster headache and how Vitamin D stopped my headache attacks within 8 days of starting. This video has helped many other cluster & migraine sufferers including members of my own family. I encourage you to check out the comments section.

* Caution - this is a very raw & emotional personal story that
includes a discussion about suicide. Through tears I retell my story (with some bad language) as I describe how hard it is to live with cluster headache, how I felt like a burden on my family and how Vitamin D turned it all around for me.

** This is not medical advice and provided for educational purposes only.

Always discuss any medical related concerns with your trusted healthcare professional.